Hard Working and Reputable Company

Green Barrow Garden Services is a gardening business operating in Sheffield.

The majority of our customer base are in Sheffield but we can travel all over South Yorkshire. Rotherham, Doncaster, Chesterfield, Barnsley are some of the towns we’ve worked.

If you are out of the South Yorkshire area and you would like to use Green Barrow Garden Services, please contact us, we will only be too glad to help.

To find out all the services that Green Barrow provide, navigate your way to our garden services page.

Why choose Green Barrow Garden Services?


We are great at what we do. High hedges to knee high hedges, we can get the job done to your satisfaction. Using our own equipment and know how, we can tackle any job that comes our way.

Garden Maintenance

We take on garden maintenance for small and large gardens in Sheffield and throughout South Yorkshire. Some gardens we are there for the day, other properties may only take us 10 minutes. The jobs we do are very varied.

Matt Glossop Proprietor

Contact Matt for all your garden requirements!

Call us or email your enquiry. We carry out all gardening tasks, from weeding driveways and garden borders. Cutting lawns, trimming hedges to trimming trees. We carry all our own tools and we take the waste away too!