Professional Pruning of Shrubs and Plants in Woodhouse

Are you currently looking into your garden and seeing overgrown shrubs and wondering where do I start? We’ve been taking care of clients in Woodhouse, Orgreave and the neighbouring Handsworth area for many years. You can count on a local company that will bring your garden back to some normality with a pruning and cutting visit.

Why should you prune shrubs?

Shrubs are a brilliant addition to any garden. They provide shelter and food for insects and birds. Sometimes time gets the better of us and when we turn around the garden has gone a little mad.

Cutting back shrubs will provide structure to your garden and ultimately form an attractive shape you desire. We can visit regularly and maintain your garden shrubs for you.

We promote pruning as it’s good for the health of shrubs and encourages flowers and fruits to grow. As a rule we always remove dead, diseased and damaged branches first. As professional gardeners, we always use clean and sharp tools to stop the spread of diseases.

Why Choose Us

  • Woodhouse, Handsworth and Orgreave are near to us
  • 10 years of knowledge in pruning
  • We remove all the cuttings
  • Large, towering shrubs are no problem to us

We’re here to help you in your garden

For pruning related enquiries, we’re more than happy to take your call or alternatively fill out our on-line form. We’ll call you back and discuss a convenient day and time we can visit you.

Call our team for gardening in the S13 postcode

Gardening professionals here to help you

Please call us for your gardening enquiries in the s13 postcode area on 07411 393 016 or 0114 287 6837.