Winter Hedge Maintenance Advice

Hedge maintenance advice Winter

Hedge maintenance advice for Winter hedge trimming/reductions. Winter will soon be behind us (hopefully). We are now in the late stages of Winter and now is your last chance for any essential hedge maintenance to be carried out.

Shortly we will be entering the warmer month’s of Spring, birds will soon be nesting. For any work to be carried out at this time would be against the law. If you do have nesting birds in your hedges you will have to wait until they have left. The next best time for any essential hedge maintenance would be in the Autumn for most hedges.

Act now for hedge reduction work

Are you still contemplating having work done on your hedges? Act fast before it’s too late. Hard pruning of hedges is best done in the Winter, when the hedge is dormant. When the weather warms up sap rises in the hedges and any hard pruning can cause stress to the plants. If you require any hedge maintenance advice. Please give me a call.

Please call to obtain a quote or for hedge maintenance advice on, 0114 287 6837 or 07411 393 016. If you prefer to email, you can contact us at [email protected]

Top reasons for keeping hedges trim

Keep your neighbours happy with a regular hedge maintenance schedule. Some of my customers go halves with the cost of their annual hedge trimming. Don’t be afraid to ask if you get on well with them.

High hedges can come under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act.

Keep hedges healthy with regular hedge maintenance. Trimming in the dormant season will encourage new growth in the Spring, improve air circulation and make for a denser hedge.

Hard prune hedges from September to March! Hedges are dormant in the Winter month’s and this is the best time for some serious work to be carried out if needed.

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